Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cupid's Choke Hold

You used to signify every dreamy love song that i hear
In starry-eyed movies, you were the male lead
Sweeping passion-jangled ladies off of their feet
As you whisper sweet nothings to their trusting ears

I used to look forward to my summers in the past
For you were there making each memory a colorful blast
Not a moment was dull, not an instant went dismal
 Even the slightest contact, like electricity to my skin, it was grand mal

Yes. Cupid got me on a choke hold as I continue to consume the madness of it all
I celebrated the blindness of love, even unrequited, I was still foolishly enthralled
Wrote the typical poetry extracted from the deepest bowels of my reality
Full of stifled feelings and sentiments, I try so hard to convey to thee

But you were inattentive... hell, all throughout you were deafened
Like screaming hard to a person with huge ear mufflers, you continued to be apathetic
It was hopeless. I was hopeless.
 As I made a laughing stock of myself in full absurdity

Now, dreamy love songs are difficult to endure
Starry-eyed movies became painstaking to watch
And like neon lights triggering migraine,
Passion-jangled ladies in conventional movies turn out to be just plain annoying

I struggle to write poetry and finishing one has now become an equal agony
The arrow was released and I willfully made myself conspicuous
Now bathed in crimson, I pray without inhibition
As I slither free from the clutches of cupid's choke hold
I am free. Lo and behold!

P.S.  Sorry if I wasn't able to come up with an article. I just figured writing a touchy-feely poetry was fitting for this month of love. I hope you enjoyed reading this! Advance Happy Valentines!
P.S. for the nth time, plagiarism is a mortal sin soo please do not in any way copy any of my articles or poetry for that matter or I will personally banish you for eternity into the saddest, darkest and loneliest abyss you thought never existed (assuming that I have superpowers of course).>_< ENJOY! 


  1. i was so inspired by your poem. and i'm happy that you feel free from the shackles of whatever is dragging you down. good for you!

  2. really alexandra manalo? wow.. glad to hear my poem had that profound effect on you.. just so you know, negative comments are most welcome :)


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