Thursday, February 7, 2013

Why Nursing Anna- Lyda Version

I'm a registered nurse, 22, single and  frustrated. And no this blog wont be about me wallowing in the delicious misery of my singleness just to have a last-minute hook-up with a potential hottie out there for the cliched Valentines Day extravaganza. This will be a perpetual rant on one of the most "oversubscribed courses" in the Philippines- NURSING.

(L-R)Monique, me, Michu and Bop2 during our momentou s Oathtaking and Rededication Ceremony.  That's me  immersed in my own cynical thought bubble very opposite from the excited faces of my plus-sized companions. =D

 I'm sure many others out there also fell for the luring sweetness of sugar-coated promises of greener pastures and a trunk full of the infamous S-shaped bills in the past but hey, more often than not, (p.s. i don't intend to act as a poisonous snake on the young hopefuls out there) those promises turn out to be rubbish. You may virtually punch me for this if you think amalayer. =D 

According to CHED Executive Director Julito Vitriolo, there are about 400, 000 nurses aimlessly walking out there today down the road of unemployment, 200, 000 of which are jobless and a little under 300, 000 underemployed. Now, if you're a parent who seriously only want the good and bright future of your child, then please do take my unsolicited advice on this. DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD TAKE UP NURSING!
It's a fool's gold and only a few fish make it out to open waters. Considering the monetary investment every parent has to allot, I mean, it's definitely no joke because truth of the matter is, getting back your investment is such an arduous process that will take years and even millenniums to suffice. Okay, that part may have been exaggerated but still, there's a ring of gripping truth in this because I've been down the same road too. I've had my own share of the so-called exploitation from the hospital I once worked with.. Overworked. Underpaid. Delayed arrival of salaries. TY OTs (thank you overtime pays). Oh wait.. it gets better. Let's not forget the condescending doctors who think we're still their handmaids (obviously stuck in the era of Nightingale). >_<

Okay so at this point in time, if you're still not getting a good grip on the issue, let me enumerate it for you:
  1. Nursing is a lot of things. It's 5% profession and 95% vocation. So if you're thinking of getting rich pronto then better wipe that smirk off your face because this job is no walk in the park.
  2. If you're the couch potato kind, then please please lay off this course. I'm death serious. 
  3. There is no room for mistakes. So, if you have the tendency to slip into daydreams and what not, then better scoot and save yourself the future trouble of a lawsuit gnawing up your arse.
  4. Are you the squeamish sort? If it's a yes then better prepare your own version of  Mi Ultimo Adios to the Nursing Profession because you're gonna be definitely seeing more goo, urine, blood, mucous and your other friendly bodily fluids for that matter.
  5. Patience is a virtue but time is gold. So which is which now? HAHA! You're gonna be yelled at, cursed and insulted not only by impatient patients but by people in the hospital so better prepare your ear mufflers. No seriously, THIS IS NOT FOR THE FAINT-HEARTED!
  6. Rest days and vacations are essentials in every working arena. Now if you're looking for a fixed and long vacay, then i hate to break it to you but nursing is definitely off the line. Rest days in the nursing profession is like a prized coupon that has to be won and savored in every piece since it only comes once every three, two or four days. It's not fixed so anytime, you could still be put on call so might as well cancel your previous appointments. And if you're the holiday aficionado, oh boy. NO you're not gonna be getting one! It depends on the schedule though but most of the time, you have to sacrifice many Christmases, New Years and birthdays for that matter.

Okay, so for now, I'm gonna have to stop here.. I hope this has been a luminous read to you as it has been writing for me. Tootles for now! You can read more on this through this link from GMA7.


  1. "Patience is a virtue but time is gold." ~ true it is! I'm a nurse myself, it's not that i experienced working in a hospital as a staff, but i've seen and heard a lot, so much, more than enough to say that i also don't recommend sending children to nursing schools. Why encourage them of taking up a course which has little chance of being employed? It's a waste of money and a waste of their precious time. Unless of course, the demand for nurses increases more than the society can supply.

    To the blogger: keep it up! write more! :D

  2. hehe.. thank you for taking time in posting a comment ms. maghinay ;) haha

  3. Indeed it is a gripping sad truth...and I do not condone such criminal acts
    but the so-called fictional contents of this article provides a vivid description of a non fictional character such as people that are "fresh from the bowels of the local penitentiary", indeed you have specified the crimes created by the character, but the society that we have, doesn't give a second look on the difference among these men who bares the same mark for they seldom look beyond the imaginary letter "P" embedded at their backs and their tattooed skin that has the tendency to grow more sinister as it passes the glimpses of the prying judgmental eyes of the people who thinks that they don't deserve to be provided with humane ways that will help in removing the stains of social stigma for someone who hopes to start over. And for that, these men are judged all the same, even those that have fallen victims of the corrupt society that threw them in the dark pits of jail, merely because they are poor, illiterate and has no means to fight the rich people who designed them to become their sacrificial pawns and scapegoats. Rich men, that posts themselves above the law. And we, who post ourselves as someone who shed tears for the victims of heinous crimes, unknowingly hold hands with these rich people as we judge them altogether as a bunch of rotten tomatoes not deserving of any chance of existence in our beautiful world. And that is a gripping truth...our gripping truth. But did we care about knowing their truth? How many amongst us, who claims to be the good breed of the society, cared to find out about the realities that they face. How many amongst us, spared a few seconds of our time to give them a second glance, to understand what they are going through. Or are we all too busy making our opinions of them public to gain sympathy to find justification in judging them thru public trial. How many amongst us took the courage to extend our hands to them to give them hope, so as to continue to believe in the system that spells “Justice For All. “ Yet, there they are, all alone quivering in fear. Shedding tears as they hold in their hands, images of their love ones, embracing them close to their hearts as they hang on to the fine threads of their sanity, while the darkness of the pit that we threw them into, slowly devours their being to allow evil to seep through the very vortex of their soul. Yet, we have forgotten, that all of these men were born naked into this world blessed with nothing but innocence and hunger for warmth and love. Some of them even grew and became parents only to suffer the pains of being separated to their beloved children, who also suffers the stigma of bearing the mark of being children of criminals. Did we wipe the tears in their eyes before it learns to stare full of malice, or are we too caught up in creating fictions that strengthens our beliefs that we have the right to cast stones to them for we are the good ones. It is quite comfortable to know that we are not like them, and for that, we hate them. For we are the “Beauty” and they are the “Beast”. We failed to remember, that these men who bears the mark of such stigma, were once born as innocent children of this world. And we failed to see, that this society that our hands built, created them into these monsters. And for these monsters…that is their gripping truth.

  4. That, you're talking, is another gripping truth, and we cannot really deny the fact that it's happening and even growing. What bothers me here is that the 'gripping truth' you're talking about is far from the 'gripping truth' that the writer is entailing here. Their linkage is not even close to that of the X and Y axis. I understand the agony behind your 'gripping truth', and I really do sympathize for that. I am even on the same boat with you. The only point is, there is always a proper place for everything, and I think your post Mr. Angelico Evangelista is not for this article. Please read the article again should you have time. Thank you. Peace be with you.


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